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  Thank You Vetercyn ®

Lazarus was rescued from what is called the dog patch here in Tucson. His owner had given him beer to the point to where he would fall down onto his face and head and it was considered entertainment to the people that owned him. When he came in, and I need to point out we picked him up drunk, and the owners admitted what they did with no charges filed with the sheriffs dept. We were just happy when they said take him. We got him to HEART of Tucson and he had a fever of 104.5 and we stayed up all night with him with fever sheets pulling his temp down. His white blood cell count was 1,000 and it should have been 12,000. Our vet didn't think he would make it, the wounds on his face and body were so many. We applied antibiotics, and Vetericyn® for his wounds. Within 9 days he had a white blood cell count to 8,000 and his wounds were healing and starting to grow hair back on his face. In 5 weeks you couldn't see the flesh missing on his face, he had grown in all new hair and no scars. We were sold on this product. We have had horses with fungus and sprayed Vetericyn® on it and it clears it up so fast, also eye infections and if you spray it in or use the eye care they have it heals them at record speed and it is so safe. We swear by this product and it should be the main medicine in your barn like it is in ours. We are a horse rescue and we see the worst of the worst, Vetericyn® is at work here everyday making our job easier. Fungus, infection, and wound care. Love this stuff.