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Our Mission Statement:

HEART of Tucson is a non-profit, pro-horse equine rescue organization run entirely by volunteers. Our mission is two-fold. HEART of Tucson rescues horses of all breeds that are in urgent need of care. We rescue horses that perhaps have been neglected, abandoned or abused. Secondly, our mission is to instruct and raise awareness of the general public about what it takes to own a horse including feeding, grooming, tack, training, boarding, veterinary care and all costs associated with owning a horse. HEART of Tucson's goal is to rehabilitate rescued horses and then find suitable homes for these equines. We provide the food, the supplements, farrier service, veterinary care, training, love and kindness, all in a safe haven. By educating the public of horse ownership through on-site, hands-on seminars and workshops, HEART of Tucson's goal is to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect that potentially could occur to these animals. We are pro-active and passionate about rescuing horses that might otherwise end up at auction houses and perhaps go to inhumane slaughter houses in Mexico.


HEART of Tucson is an Arizona nonprofit corporation. We are a registered 501(c)(3) with the IRS.


HEART Privacy policy:

HEART of Tucson is an Arizona nonprofit corporation. We have a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization registered with the IRS. Our EIN is 26-4697430. All donations are tax deductable. We accept monetary, horse, supplies, and volunteer time donations. We are happy to share information about donations on our website and in our newsletters but only by request. During our operations some personally identifiable information about people is obtained such as E-mail addresses, names, addresses and other information. None of this information is shared with anyone outside our organization without prior consent. We do not store any financially identifiable information about our donors such as credit or debit card numbers or checking account numbers.


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