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  The Rainbow Bridge Project


The Rainbow Bridge Project is a program where we will be able to help people that don't have the funds to euthanize their loved horses when the time comes.

Too often we have seen horses that are left to suffer a horrible death because no one will help them over the Rainbow Bridge. I had a phone call last year from a lady has owned her horse for over 30 years. Her horse was old and organs were shutting down. She had no money because of her own recent surgery, and had to watch helplessly as her longtime friend had to suffer a slow painful death. She made many phone calls for help but couldn't find it. Finally the Livestock officer she called told her to call us, and that is when we first met. We were able to get a vet to go out and put her friend to sleep, and we were able to take care of the body for her. This woman cried and thanked us and then tried to give me her wedding rings. I wouldn't even think of taking anything from her, as she had already lost so much. There have been many others like her, and other horses that just have no one, but are too far gone for us to help.

This is a very much needed program, and if you choose to donate to this fund, you can know in your heart that you just spared a wonderful animal from a having to suffer needlessly. Please help us build this Rainbow Bridge for horses. We will be also putting information up here on the cost of euthanizing, disposing of a large animal and many more numbers that you can call for help. End of life is never easy, but it can be humane for our large friends. Your donations are tax deductible; we are a 501(c)3. At HEART we are committed to making the world a better place for horses to be.

Thank you from the bottom of our HEARTs.



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