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  Pay It Forward


Pay it Forward with HEART is a food bank for horses in our community. It seems no person, or animal is safe from our changing economy. This program provides good people that love their animals and don't want to give them up, or sell them because they can't afford to feed them the food that is so badly needed. We know how hard it is to let them go to unknown places where you don't know what their fate will be, so we have put this program in place to help those that need it. If you have a good week at work, and can afford a couple extra bucks for hay then please go into any Chase Bank and donate into this account.

For those that need it on a temporary time basis call us, and we will come out and see if you qualify for the food bank. We then will give a voucher to you to use at the feed store of your choice. The only thing we ask is that you put back into the program once your back up on your feet again. This program will keep the horses in their own homes where they are loved, and fewer unwanted horses out there where their lives are at risk. You never know if your turn will come when you need just a little extra help. All donations that are made into this are tax deductible, so be sure to send us your name, the amount donated, and your address so that we can send you a wonderful thank you card, and receipt for your tax's.

All of us here at HEART are committed to making it a better world for horses to live in. Thank you from the bottom of our HEARTs for your support !.

Click here for the Pay It Forward application.